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SMAK media is a fully integrated advertising agency contracting the best creative people from around the country.

Our main focus is hiring the right people for your job. By hiring freelance writers, web designers, graphic designers, programmers, and strategists, we are able to pick and choose the right people, and the right styles, for each individual client need. This ensures that each project is customized and offers a more personal advertising experience.

Our specialists are experts in areas such as marketing management, creative advertising, strategy, new media production, and web design and development. We strive to offer our clients a variety of marketing, advertising, and promotional services for traditional, experiential, and digital medias.


Meet our founder: Sarah Kirkpatrick

I look at it like this:

  • Marketing Management gave me the mind of a business woman,
  • General Studies led me to become a well-rounded scholar,
  • Youth Leadership enhanced my strengths in group situations,
  • And Creative Advertising taught me the skills to be the imaginative and strong writer that I am today.
  • From psychology to natural science, and all of the marketing in between,

I have a wide range of knowledge in numerous genres.

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Sarak Kirkpatrick - SMAK media founder

President & founder of SMAK media.

One could say I have a “Masters” in writing. After 6 years of full time school I have received a certificate in General Studies and in Marketing Management from Mount Royal College in Calgary Alberta, a Youth Leadership diploma from the Haven Institution on Gabriola Island British Columbia , and a degree in Creative Advertising majoring in copywriting at Humber College in Toronto Ontario.


While completing my degree, I freelanced as a writer/editor and marketing consultant for a variety of small businesses. In the summer of 2010, I interned as a junior copywriter at TBA Digital, a digital agency in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2012-2013, I interned as a copywriter and social media manager for Baby Robot in Toronto, Ontario.

Not only am I an academic and devoted worker, I am a world traveler. Aside from my various living arrangements throughout the country, I have traveled around Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the United States.


…and with this, I label myself a creative writer, deep thinker, and motivated worker.


Meet our talented specialists — those who make the magic happen:

Shion Song - Code Monkey

Shion Song – Code Monkey / Dashing Designer

Ashley Saunder - Creative Strategist / Professional Schmoozer

Ashley Saunder – Creative Strategist / Professional Schmoozer

Matt Artinger - Web Identity Engineer

Matt Artinger – Web Identity Engineer